Dentist that accept Medicare / Medi-Cal

We Pride ourselves on being a preferred provider for Medi-Cal patients throughout northern California since 2008.

Challenges Faced by Medi-Cal Dentistry Patients

  1. Not so many Dentists accept them
  2. Patients feel that they are not appreciated
  3. Very expensive treatment. OS fee for wisdom teeth under IV $18,000 plus!
  4. Long wait time. 4-6 hours of wait time
  5. If Dentistry treatment offered, it is of low quality (No Bone or sinus preservation, no plasma and no sedation.

Why many dentists don’t take Medi-Cal?

  1. Very Low Fee compared to the average fee
  2. Delayed compensation
  3. Time wasted in pre-authorization.
  4. They don’t cover many important dentistry procedures such as Plasma, Bone Preservation and Sinus Preservation surgeries.

How we came up with solution to problems with Medi-Cal?

  1. We hired a billing company to deal with Medi-CAL
  2. We treated patients with respect and dignity
  3. No wait time. The patient will wait to get in for dentistry.
  4. We explain to patients upfront what Medi-CAL covers and what is their out pockets in advance. No hidden fees
  5. We offer Financial Aid. We contracted with different Credit Card Companies to give patients other financial options, including a Zero interest payment plan.

Medical Dentist Near Me in Reseda, CA

Are you looking for a dentist that accepts Medi-Cal Insurance in Reseda, CA? We pride ourselves on helping patients who need our help the most. Call us today to make an appointment at our dental office.