Liberty Dental has the following dental coverage plan available: Indemnity Dental Plan.

Liberty Dental coverage plans

Liberty Dental PPO networks provide easy access to reputable dentists nationwide as well as discounts on covered dental care. Plans provide benefit options for basic and major dental services with no age limit. Preventive care is covered with no deductible or waiting periods.

Dental Indemnity PPO Plan

This plan allows you to seek care from any licensed dental provider. You need to meet an annual deductible before the plan pays benefits for many non-preventive services. The deductible is waived for preventive and diagnostic procedures. The amount of the deductible is based on your benefit level and plan. Dental benefits are limited to a maximum amount for each calendar year for each person.

Looking for a dentist that takes Liberty Dental PPO? We accept Liberty Dental PPO.

Liberty Dental tooth extraction cost coverage?

According to Liberty Dental, an estimated 80% of basic services like simple extractions are covered. The waiting period is 6 months. Liberty Dental considers tooth extractions as a basic dental service. That implies that they are insured by all of their plans, both individual and family plans.

Liberty Dental covers Wisdom teeth removal?

Liberty Dental covers an estimated 50% of major dental procedures like wisdom teeth removal. Certain Liberty Dental insurance plans will also pay for post-operative care, including follow-up visits and prescriptions for painkillers. Before removing your wisdom teeth, make sure you speak with your insurance provider to find out exactly what your plan covers.

Does Liberty Dental cover X-Rays?

According to Liberty Dental, routine dental x-rays are 100% covered while non-routine x-rays are estimated to be covered by 80% after plan deductible.

Liberty Dental covers Braces?

Liberty Dental may cover part of the braces procedure depending on your specific plan and coverage. Please give us a call to find out what might be covered for your specific situation.

Is Invisalign covered by Liberty Dental?

Yes. Liberty Dental does offer insurance plans that cover Invisalign and other orthodontic needs. You’ll need to review your coverage to confirm it is part of your current plan.

What does Liberty Dental cover for dental implant?

Some Liberty Dental plans offer a lifetime maximum benefit applicable for orthodontic treatment. Your share of the costs and the amount of the lifetime maximum is based on your benefit level.

Does Liberty Dental cover dentures?

Some Liberty Dental plans offer a lifetime maximum benefit applicable for orthodontic treatment. Your share of the costs and the amount of the lifetime maximum is based on your benefit level.

How much does Liberty Dental cover for Veneers?

Unfortunately, Liberty Dental insurance plans don’t provide coverage for cosmetic procedures. Among the few cosmetic procedures they cover is bleaching.

Liberty Dental accepted for Gum Grafts?

Most oral surgeries, including gum grafting, are covered by Liberty Dental up to 50%. Please contact us to learn more about what your plan might cover for your specific situation.

Does Liberty Dental cover Cleaning and Tooth Fillings?

Liberty Dental offers 100% or full coverage for routine cleanings with no waiting period. Coverage for dental prophylaxis or dental cleanings is allowed for 14 years of age or older once per 6 consecutive months. On the other hand, fillings are estimated to be covered by 80% after the plan deductible with a 6-month waiting period.

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DISCLAIMER: This information is subject to change on behalf of the insurance company. We are providing this as an informal guide to help you determine which services at our office are covered by your insurance. For more detailed information, please see the insurance company’s website or call the customer service or member services number listed on most insurance ID cards. Updated as of 3/27/2023. The above logo & trademarks are property of Liberty Dental.