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Congratulations on successfully completing your Invisalign treatment and achieving your desired smile! With your stunning new smile in place, you might be pondering over the next steps and how to maintain these fantastic results. We understand the significance of diligent Invisalign aftercare in ensuring long-term outcomes and sustaining your dental well-being.

Our team is by your side as you embark on this exciting phase of your journey, offering personalized guidance and insights on caring for your aligners and upholding your beautifully aligned teeth. We are committed to aiding you in safeguarding that self-assured smile you’ve diligently attained, encompassing everything from fundamental oral hygiene techniques to the proper use of retainers. Let’s delve into the key aspects of Invisalign aftercare, ensuring that you can relish the full benefits of your treatment for years to come.


7 Tips for a Healthy Smile After Your Invisalign Treatment

1. Wear a Retainer

A retainer is a personalized orthodontic device crafted to preserve the recent alignment of your teeth. It’s crucial to wear retainers to uphold your newly achieved teeth alignment. Even after the completion of your Invisalign treatment, there remains a potential for your teeth to revert to their initial positions if you neglect using your retainers.

2. Brush and Floss Regularly

Continue your usual brushing and flossing to keep your aligners clean and prevent oral health complications.

3. Clean Your Mouth Thoroughly

Brushing your teeth properly and daily is essential for good oral hygiene. Remove any food that has become caught between your teeth. To ensure your entire mouth is clean, rinse it with mouthwash or clean water.

4. Avoid Troublesome Foods

While Invisalign aligners can be taken out, it’s advisable to steer clear of consuming hard or sticky foods. Even after thoroughly brushing or flossing your teeth, there remains a possibility of food particles becoming lodged between them. Examples of sticky and hard foods include chewing gum, caramel, popcorn, jelly beans, licorice, hard candies, and nuts.

5. Clean Your Retainer

The simplest way to ensure clean retainers is to immerse them in denture cleanser or Invisalign cleaning crystals, or brush them daily. White vinegar may also be used to dissolve plaque and germs while also deodorizing your retainers.

6. Visit your Dentist Regularly

Maintaining biannual appointments with your dentist is crucial. Your dentist can identify any potential oral concerns that might have escaped your attention.

7. Keep an Eye on Your Teeth

If you notice changes in your smile after your Invisalign treatment, please schedule an appointment with your dentist.


What Happens Once Invisalign Treatment Is Done?

Each aligner applies pressure in the proper place to shift the tooth. It has a tiny gap for the tooth to shift into. Your teeth should appear properly aligned after completing your Invisalign treatment. There shouldn’t be any crowding between your teeth, and the gaps should be small. When you smile, you should see straight teeth.

Proper aftercare is essential for maintaining your results. Follow post-treatment instructions, brush and floss regularly, clean your mouth thoroughly, clean your retainer, visit your dentist regularly, and monitor any changes in your smile. Your teeth should remain properly aligned with minimal gaps, ensuring a confident and straight smile for years to come.

The state-of-the-art office of Dr. Vayner offers the most popular treatments in cosmetic and general dentistry. Dr. Vayner will help you maintain your new smile by giving you Invisalign aftercare instructions. To schedule an appointment, please contact at your earliest convenience.