Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Smile

Our Reseda cosmetic dentist can enhance your smile with several services

Are you looking for simple ways to enhance your smile and your confidence? If so, cosmetic dentistry may be for you. Our Reseda cosmetic dentist provides many services that can make your smile look completely new. Not to mention our cosmetic services also have restorative benefits. Some of the cosmetic services we offer at Esthetic Smile Dental Care include teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers, dental crowns and even cavity fillings. While not all of these services are considered strictly cosmetic dentistry, they do provide cosmetic benefits. If you are interested in a smile makeover with our respected Reseda cosmetic dentist, give us a call at 818-344-4929 today!

A Few Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Our esthetic dentist in Reseda can provide you with the perfect smile


Invisalign is the clear solution to traditional, metal braces


Restore your bite to compensate for rotten or missing teeth


Tooth veneers can fix broken, decayed, chipped or dead teeth in just a few visits


Professional, in-office whitening and take home systems

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Our cosmetic dentist in Reseda provides these services: Porcelain Veneers, Professional Teeth Whitening and Invisalign

At Esthetic Smile Dental Care we have several cosmetic treatments that you may be interested in depending on your specific dental issues. Our Reseda cosmetic dentist can give you the smile you have always dreamed of with any of our treatments. If you are interested in fixing discoloration among your teeth, professional teeth whitening may be the solution for you. Unlike over-the-counter products, a professional teeth whitening is safer and more effective because your dentist supervises it. Our whitening products also use a stronger bleaching agent and custom whitening trays to fit your mouth. If you have severe stains on your teeth, dental veneers may be a better option for you if your discoloration cannot be removed by whitening.

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of a porcelain material that are bonded to your teeth to repair or correct color, chips, cracks and even gaps. Another cosmetic dentistry solution is Invisalign or clear braces. Invisalign is a way to correct imperfections in the alignment of your smile such as an overbite, underbite or crossbite. Clear braces are a set of custom-made clear plastic trays used to straighten your teeth over a period of time. Unlike metal braces they are removable and practically invisible, which makes them a great choice for teens and adults. If any of these services provided by our Reseda cosmetic dentist interests you, give us a call today at 818-344-4929 for a consultation about any of the services mentioned.