Dental Crowns and Their Purpose

Find out what dental crowns in Reseda have to offer you

Getting a tooth crown can be very helpful in many situations. Dental crowns in Reseda are a restorative technique used to strengthen, resize, reshape and improve the look and health of your natural tooth or dental implant. If your tooth is broken down or filled with decay so much a dental filling can’t solve the problem completely, a tooth crown can be used. A crown provides protection for your teeth, whether it’s additional to a filling, a cracked tooth or a weak tooth. If you think you may need a tooth crown in Reseda, give us a call at 818-344-4929 today.

A Few Facts About Dental Crowns

Here are a few things to know about dental crowns in Reseda


First Visit

Expect an exam and consultation to determine if you are a candidate for porcelain veneers

Second Visit

Your enamel is trimmed approximately half a millimeter and impressions of your teeth are made

Third Visit

The veneers are cemented in place using ultraviolet light to harden them quickly

Placing a Dental Crown

Here’s what you need to know about placing dental crowns in Reseda

In many situations, a tooth crown in Reseda is needed after an additional service is performed such as a cavity filling or placing a dental implant. However, that is not always the case. In order to prepare for a tooth crown, your tooth is reduced so your crown can fit over top of the area it is strengthening. To create dental crowns, our dentist takes an impression of your natural teeth and gums, which are sent to a lab to be fabricated. Until your permanent crown is created, a temporary crown for your tooth will be fitted.

Once your crown has been created and sent back to the dental office, you will come back in for your next appointment. During this visit, the dentist will remove your temporary crown and make sure your permanent tooth crown fits properly. After this is done, your new tooth crown will be bonded, or cemented, to the top of your tooth. You may be wondering how long your new tooth crown will last. With normal to above average wear and tear, a crown will usually last around five to eight years. However, if you take care of your teeth with good oral hygiene, your crown can last much longer, especially if you avoid habits like chewing ice, biting fingernails or grinding your teeth. Are you ready to strengthen your teeth by getting dental crowns in Reseda? Check out our dental reviews and see what your Reseda neighbors are saying about us.