Dentures as a Restorative Option

Dentures in Reseda from Esthetic Smile Dental can give back your health and your smile

If you are missing teeth from tooth or gum disease (or even traumatic injury), partial or full dentures can restore your ability to eat normally and to have a terrific smile. If you have only lost some teeth, a partial denture may be all you need. However, if all of your teeth are gone (top, bottom or both), full dentures would be required. The loss of your teeth can cause both emotional and physical pain…from a loss of confidence to bite problems, gum disease, bone loss and speech difficulties. With dentures, the health and beauty of your teeth can be restored in just a couple of easy, comfortable visits. The dentures that we design are hand crafted and made from the highest quality materials. They are custom fit and very affordable when you compare them to other teeth replacement options. Once you start wearing dentures from Esthetic Smile Dental, you will find that they look great and adhere naturally to the contours of your gums. This alleviates concerns about them falling out or causing damage to your gums. Give us a call at 818-390-9494 for a free denture consultation and let our very experienced Reseda dentist restore your smile. Check out our patient reviews and see how our current patients love their bright, new smiles.

Here Are Some Facts About Quality Porcelain Dentures

These are some things that some people misunderstand about partial and full dentures in Reseda


Dentures that are properly fitted do not require adhesives or strips to keep them in place


Dentures supported by implants can drastically improve stability for more natural biting and chewing

Time Out

Gums need rest - make sure you remove dentures at night to reduce the risk of yeast infections and bone loss

At-Home Care

Soak dentures over night in tap water or with soaking tablets, and clean by brushing every morning

For Tooth Replacement, Dentures May Be The Answer To Your Missing Teeth

Cosmetic Dentures in Reseda at Esthetic Smile Dental will let you smile again while letting you enjoy the foods you used to

If you are struggling with the thought of wearing dentures in Reseda, there are some real benefits to this option for tooth replacement. Here are some of the advantages that you might want to consider. Dentures will allow you to eat all the foods you normally enjoy and need for good nutrition. The correct bite and ability to chew food properly are essential to your overall health. In terms of added value, dentures will give you a complete and beautiful smile. This will enhance your self-esteem and give you the confidence to smile again. Dentures from Esthetic Smile Dental will strengthen the muscles in and around your mouth in order to maintain your facial features, so you do not have to contend with that sunken look, which accompanies tooth loss. By choosing to wear partial or full dentures, you also protect the bone density of your upper and lower jaws. However, one of the most important reasons for getting dentures is your ability to speak normally.

The loss of teeth, depending on location and number, can make it difficult to pronounce words in ways other people can understand. Some really good news about dentures is their cost. Compared to other types of tooth replacement choices, dentures are very affordable, especially at Esthetic Smile Dental. Our experienced dental team is available to help guide you through the process of creating and fitting dentures, custom made just for you! Please consult with our dentist Dr. Jacob Vayner about new full or partial dentures at Esthetic Smile Dental. He will give you a treatment plan with costs and we will keep the costs down so you can make this important purchase. Give us a call at 818-390-9494 and schedule your completely non-invasive, and complimentary consultation today.