Stop The Pain And Save The Tooth!

A Root Canal in Reseda at Esthetic Smile Dental can remove the infected nerve and decay from your tooth and restore it to brand new

Don’t suffer day-in and day-out from a decayed tooth that is now attacking the root nerve of your tooth. The tooth can be saved with a root canal that removes the damaged nerve, followed by a dental crown that will make the tooth as good as new. At Esthetic Smile Dental in Reseda, we do root canals every day. Like dental fillings, they are a common dental procedure for eliminating tooth pain. Our highly skilled and dedicated dental team will provide you with the best of care, including sedation dentistry, to immediately stop your tooth pain and to keep it from hurting you again. Then the cause of your pain will be permanently removed and your tooth restored so it matches your other teeth in both appearance and functionality. You can call our hotline at 818-390-9494 any time of day or night. If you have a dental emergency in Reseda, don’t delay, call us today and get the pain relief you need!

Need A Root Canal? Here Are Some Signs To Look For:

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Sever Toothache


Sensitivity to Heat

Pain while chewing hot foods or drinking hot liquids

Sensitivity to Cold

Pain while chewing cold foods or drinking liquids

Gum Tissue Swelling

Abcess or excessive bleeding, tenderness and/or redness

Tooth Discoloration

Rapid change of tooth color, sensitivity and/or numbness

With A Root Canal, The Damaged Nerve Will Be Removed And Tooth Pain Relieved

A root canal procedure in Reseda at Esthetic Smile Dental will eliminate your nerve pain quickly. There is no need to suffer!

Many patients become anxious when they hear that they need a root canal, especially if they have not been to a dentist before when having tooth pain. At Esthetic Smile Dental in Reseda, we practice pain free dentistry and use root canal procedures to keep teeth from having to be extracted. Losing teeth is a serious dental issue for patients in later years. Root canals or endodontic treatments are used in Reseda to remove the pulp or nerve root of a tooth that has been destroyed by tooth decay and bacteria. When the damaged root or nerve endings have been removed, a drilled hole will be in the middle of the tooth. This will weaken the tooth and make it susceptible to fracture or breaking. To keep this from happening, and to make the tooth stronger than ever, our Reseda dentist will use a porcelain filling or dental crown to restore the integrity of the tooth. The restored tooth will look great (matching your other teeth) and will be perfect in terms of biting or chewing your food.

If you do not seek out a timely root canal, when decay has ravaged your tooth the pain will become unbearable and the tooth may not be salvageable. Call us sooner than later at 818-390-9494 for an emergency consultation with our skilled and gentle dentist Dr. Jacob Vayner. At Esthetic Smile Dental in Reseda, we want to save you from pain and save your tooth! But we can’t help if you don’t call! Remember, we have a 24/7 hotline so that our diligent and attentive staff can provide you with an emergency appointment.