Pulling Teeth Is Never An Easy Choice

If you need tooth removal in Reseda, rest assured, we have many great options for tooth replacement

Sometimes, dental patients have severe tooth decay or a broken tooth that cannot be repaired or saved. If this is your situation, our dentist in Reseda will offer you some very good tooth replacement options. Today’s technology in the dental industry has made amazing advancements in this area offering dental implants, bridges and dentures that look, act and feel like your real teeth. Such technology has greatly improved the quality of life and relative health for all those who have needed teeth replaced due to tooth decay or injury. The most common reason for tooth extractions in young adults is wisdom teeth. Since wisdom teeth can grow sideways with painful results, they usually need to be pulled sooner than later. In fact, many people elect to have them pulled as a preemptive measure to avoid needing emergency dental care to counter unrelenting pain. Check out our dental reviews and see what our patients are saying about tooth extractions at Esthetic Smile Dental in Reseda.

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You Might Not Know This About Tooth Removal

Tooth extractions in Reseda described, so you know what to expect with your removal procedure

New Technology

We now have more options for restoring and saving teeth


Replace a broken or decayed tooth with natural looking tooth implants


Prior to any extraction treatment let us know if you're on any medications so we can coordinate with your doctor


Sedation is a great way to avoid any unnecessary pain or anxiety

Sometimes An Extraction Cannot Be Avoided

Historically, losing teeth resulted in facial distortions and an inability to chew food. Today, these are just memories due to the advancements in restoration dentistry.

If you need teeth extracted in Reseda, you should consider replacing the lost teeth so you can chew and digest food properly. When contemplating tooth replacement, here are the three basic possibilities: implants, bridges or dentures. Tooth implants provide you with porcelain teeth that look and function just like your natural teeth. Each tooth implant is anchored to the jawbone so it can become a permanent new tooth. Bridges are another potential choice for the replacement of missing teeth. However, the advancements of implant technology continues to make bridges less popular as time goes by.

It’s not well known amongst dental patients that bridges can sometimes put other teeth in danger. More precisely, adjacent teeth to a missing tooth must physically support the bridge. Over time, this wears down adult teeth, causing unintended consequences. Lastly, dentures are another possibility that many dental patients choose, especially when they have several missing teeth. When many patients discuss dentures as a treatment option, they often assume all of your teeth have to be missing. However, that is not the case. We have partials, as well as complete dentures available at Esthetic Smile Dental in Reseda. This means you can get dentures for just the teeth that are missing. If you have any questions about tooth extractions in Reseda or the variety of choices for tooth replacement at Esthetic Smile Dental, please give our staff a call at 818-344-4929.