A Child’s First Visit

This children’s dentist in Reseda cannot stress the importance of a first visit enough

Unless our dental visit was a traumatic one, most of us cannot think back to our first visit to the dentist. A great first experience with a children’s dentist in Reseda is most important when it comes to the future of your child’s dental care habits. We don’t want children to fear coming to the dentist because there is nothing to worry about. However, if you visit a dentist that isn’t as kind and gentle as they should be with children who express dental fear, your child may have a hard time staying calm in future dental visits. At Esthetic Smile Dental Care we try to make it as fun and educating as possible to children of all ages. To schedule your child’s first appointment with our children’s dentist in Reseda call 818-344-4929.

Tips For an Improved Experience

Our kids’ dentist in Reseda will do whatever it takes to keep your child comfortable

Start Young

The earlier a child visits the dentist, the better. It's preferrable that the first visit starts at age 1 or when the first tooth is visible.

Avoid Bribery

Many Experts do not recommend promising your child a special treat if they behave well at the dentist. This will only increase apprehension.

Keep it Simple

When preparing for a visit, especially the first time, try not to include too many details as unnecessary information can cause undue anxiety.

Good Oral Hygiene

Teach your child that visiting the dentist is a necessity, not a choice, and that we will take care of his or her teeth so that they are strong and healthy enough to eat with.

Watch Your Words

Tell your child that we are looking for "sugar bugs" so we can clean them off their teeth, don't use words like; "shots", "hurt", or "pain".

Pretend Visit

Before the first dentist appointment, play pretend. You be the dentist and then let your child be the dentist. All you need is a toothbrush.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

Visit our children’s dentist in Reseda for tips on caring for your child’s dental health

When it comes to your children’s teeth, there is really no such thing as being too clean when it comes to protecting them from bacteria. Once bacteria is present in our mouths, it is there to stay. Our kids’ dentist in Reseda suggests bringing your child into our office about six months after the appearance of the first tooth. Starting your child off with an early visit can help your child become comfortable with the dentist sooner, as well as detect potential dental problems earlier if there are any. Usually around the age of 2 is when you should begin to brush your child’s teeth with a very small amount of toothpaste. Flossing should be implemented when your child has two teeth that begin to touch.

As your child gets older they will want to brush their teeth themselves, but make sure you are giving their teeth a second brush to get rid of the bacteria. Most children aren’t able to brush their teeth correctly until around the age of 8. Nutrition plays a huge part in how healthy your child’s teeth will be. Avoid sugary and starchy foods to keep your child from developing tooth decay early on. Many think that the health of baby teeth isn’t important until the adult teeth come in, however, a child’s first set of teeth make the environment for their new set of teeth. If you have any questions about any services for children such as dental cleanings or Invisalign, give our children’s dentist in Reseda a call at 818-344-4929 today.