Set Fears Aside With Sedation Dentistry

At Esthetic Smile Dental Care, sedation dentistry in Reseda will allow you to relax and move past any bad dental experiences you have had

Having dental fears or anxious moments thinking about sitting in a dental chair? Put your past dental experiences behind you because they do not reflect modern day gentle dentistry. Did you know that Esthetic Smile Dental Care in Reseda offers several options for sedation or pain free dentistry? These choices include laughing gas, oral medications for relaxation, and IV sedation dentistry, so you can sleep through your dental visit. All forms of sedation dentistry are very effective. Both laughing gas and oral sedation leave you awake but you will not know or remember anything about the dental procedure. IV sedation dentistry actually puts you to sleep, so you are not awake for the dental treatment that you will be receiving. As you talk about sedation options with our dentist Dr. Jacob Vayner in Reseda, the discussion will focus on the nature of your procedure and the sedation application that is best suited for both the dental work to be done and your level of anxiety. If you are reluctant to have dental services provided due to fear, we can help. Let us provide you with a relaxing, comfortable and safe dental environment where we practice pain free dentistry. Don’t let your dental health suffer or live with chronic tooth pain. Call us now at 818-344-4929 for an appointment with our capable and experienced dentist at Esthetic Smile Dental Care in Reseda.

Sedation Options Make Pain Free Dentistry Possible

At Esthetic Smile Dental Care, inhalation, oral and IV sedation dentistry will allow you to relax and feel at ease with any dental procedure that you need to have. See some of the advantages below:

No Fear

Gain new perspective with stress and anxiety-free dentistry, allowing you to relax all the way through your visit

No Pain

Remember little to none of your dental appointments as you rest comfortably while we work

Save Time

Sedation allows us to do more in one sitting so you have you work finished in less appointments

Reduce Cost

Sedation adds cost to dentistry, but because we do more work in less appointments you can still save money

Relaxation And Comfort Are The Benefits Of Pain Free Dentistry

At Esthetic Smile Dental Care, our experienced and caring dentist will help you to make the sedation choice that is best for your dental procedure and anxiety level

If you had a bad experience at the hands of dental practitioner, let your fears be set aside with sedation dentistry. Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas is administered using your respiratory system and only requires a few breaths to put your mind at ease. Oral sedation utilizes anti-anxiety medications passed through the digestive system to do the same thing. Both nitrous oxide and oral medications leave you awake but unaware of the dental procedure being performed. When the implant, root canal or tooth filling procedure is over and the medications wear off, your conscious mind will not remember anything that has happened. IV sedation dentistry, however, allows you to sleep through the entire dental treatment, again with no memory as to what happened. This is amnesia at its finest.

Our sedation options are affordable and the low cost makes them a great choice. If you are afraid or nervous about tooth restoration procedures to improve your dental health or want help to achieve a great smile, then sedation dentistry is for you. All the sedation methods that we use at Esthetic Smile Dental Care are safe and easy to administer. If you have questions about sedation dentistry, give us a call at 818-344-4929 24/7. We would be more than happy to schedule you for a free sedation consultation appointment and discuss your other dental needs.