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Tooth Extraction

Do’s and Don’ts After a Tooth Extraction

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Embarking on the journey of post-tooth extraction care? Discovering the do’s and don’ts is key to a speedy and hassle-free recovery. In this guide, we’ll explore simple yet crucial tips to ensure you navigate the post-extraction period with ease and promote optimal healing.

After your tooth extraction, give proper care to the area where your tooth was removed. If your tooth is severely decayed or damaged beyond repair, a tooth extraction involves completely removing it from its socket. Opt for soft foods like soups, mashed vegetables, eggs, and bananas to ease the healing process, and rest to allow your tooth extraction to heal effectively. Avoid excessive movement or exercise to prevent excessive bleeding, and steer clear of hot foods and carbonated drinks to support the formation of a protective blood clot in the extraction area, safeguarding the bone during healing and preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.

What Can I Do After Extracting a Tooth?

After your tooth extraction, you should engage in gentle aftercare to ensure proper healing. Here are the things you can do post-extraction.

Brush Teeth After Tooth Extraction

Brush your remaining teeth, but avoid brushing around your extraction site.

Use Gauze After Tooth Extraction

Put a gauze on your tooth extraction site to help prevent excessive bleeding.

Drink Water After Tooth Extraction

Stay hydrated and keep your tooth extraction site clean by drinking water.

Eat Soft Foods After Tooth Extraction

Opt for soft foods post-tooth extraction. Stick to options like soups, juices, milkshakes, smoothies, bananas, and eggs for a smoother recovery.

Use an Ice Pack After Tooth Extraction

Ease the pain by applying an ice pack to the affected area.

After tooth extraction, patients often wonder, “When Can I Resume Normal Activities After Tooth Extraction?” It’s crucial to follow specific do’s and don’ts during the initial recovery phase.

What Can I Not Do After Getting My Tooth Pulled?

A tooth extraction procedure requires gentle aftercare. Here are the things you should not do after your tooth extraction.

Don’t Drink Alcohol After Tooth Extraction

Steer clear of alcohol after your tooth extraction, as it may impede the healing process and increase the risk of infection.

Don’t Drink Hot Coffee After Tooth Extraction

Avoid hot coffee after your tooth extraction, as it can hinder the formation of blood clots in the extraction area and impede the healing process.

Don’t Smoke After Tooth Extraction

Refrain from smoking after your tooth extraction, as nicotine constricts blood vessels, making it more challenging for your mouth to heal.

Don’t Use a Straw After Tooth Extraction

Avoid using a straw after your tooth extraction, as the sucking motion can easily dislodge the blood clot.

Don’t Rinse With Mouthwash After Tooth Extraction

Refrain from using mouthwash after your tooth extraction. Opt for warm salt water to keep your mouth clean instead.

Don’t Use Toothpaste After Tooth Extraction

When spitting out toothpaste, be cautious as it poses a risk of breaking the blood clot, potentially causing bleeding and requiring additional healing time.

Don’t Eat Spicy or Hard Foods After Tooth Extraction

Avoid consuming hard foods after your tooth extraction, as the blood clot that forms over the exposed tissue can be damaged by too hard, rough, or crunchy foods.

Don’t Consume Carbonated Drinks After Tooth Extraction

Steer clear of carbonated drinks after your tooth extraction, as the bubbles can cause damage to the clot in your extraction site.

Don’t Do Strenuous Activities After Tooth Extraction

Avoid exercising or engaging in intense activities after your tooth extraction, as it can raise your blood pressure and lead to bleeding from the extraction site.

Aftercare is important to ensure the healing process of your gums. Any activity that will strain or cause irritation to the tooth extraction site must be avoided. Dr. Jacob Vayner  will explain to you what is helpful and what is damaging after your tooth extraction.


How to Care for Your Mouth After a Tooth Extraction?

After your tooth extraction, ensure gentle aftercare. Keep the extraction site clean by rinsing with warm salt water, taking prescribed pain relief medication, and using an ice pack on your cheek to reduce swelling. Sleep with your head elevated to support healing, allowing the blood clot to form in the extraction area. This clot protects the bone during healing and prevents spreading harmful bacteria.


How Long Should I Rest After Tooth Extraction?

Rest for 48 to 72 hours after tooth extraction before returning to work or school. Prioritize adequate rest to minimize bleeding and prevent the dislodging of your blood clot. Ensure you get the proper rest for optimal healing. You can resume exercising four days after tooth extraction, with the average recovery time of 3-4 weeks.


What Can I Eat After an Extraction?

You can eat soft foods after your tooth extraction. After tooth extraction, eat soups, mashed vegetables, yogurt, jello, and pudding. Hard food damages the extraction site and causes your blood clot to dislodge. The blood clot must not dislodge because it causes a dry socket that exposes the bone. Dry socket is a painful condition that happens when the blood clot fails to form. 

Should I Take Off Work After Pulling Teeth?

You should take time off work after your tooth extraction. You can return to work 48-72 hours after your tooth extraction. Refrain from too much movement or any strenuous activity. Ensure you take the time off to allow your tooth extraction to heal properly. 

Can I Drink My Saliva After Tooth Extraction?

You can drink your saliva after a tooth extraction. Form the habit of swallowing your saliva to prevent yourself from spitting. After your tooth extraction, it is important not to strain any part of your mouth to ensure your tooth extraction site heals properly.


What to Know About Tooth Extractions Aside From the Dos and Dont’s?

 Besides knowing when to resume normal activities after tooth extraction, following post-operative instructions, managing pain effectively, and prioritizing rest for optimal healing is crucial. Pay attention to oral hygiene, opt for soft foods to ease discomfort, and be mindful of swelling and bleeding during recovery. These considerations will contribute to a smoother and quicker recovery after wisdom tooth extraction.

Dr. Jacob Vayner at Esthetic Smile Dental Care has over 19 years of experience in wisdom teeth removal since 2011. Book an appointment with Dr. Jacob Vayner to address your tooth extraction needs.